Short Introduction of Mustang Region

There is a place deeply hidden, and shrouded in mystery protected by the highest mountain range on earth. In Nepal, the land of Mustang is situated just north of the Annapurna Massif and creates the border with the Tibet Autonomous Region in China. Only recently has this area has been opened to outsiders, and because of this, the area and its inhabitants have been almost untouched by the modernity of life outsides its borders. There is a rich history associated with this particular region of Nepal, and any student of Asian history would be amiss to not visit this once forbidden area.

Today access is tightly controlled, however, with proper permission and documentation, a traveler could enjoy all of the culture and outdoor adventure unique to Mustang. To access Mustang, you will most certainly fly first to Jomsom, considering a drive from Pokhara would take roughly 9 hours on a perilous road. Here is where your trek or your mountain biking adventure begins. These are two excellent ways to access this incredible landscape. Each option will grant you entry to places like the walled city of Lo Manthang along ancient salt trading routes. You will pass under towering sand spires colored red, orange and yellow. This environment lies in the rain shadow of the Annapurna area, so it receives significantly less rainfall and the landscape is more akin to the Tibetan Plateau just north of this region.

Luckily because it is considerably drier than most of Nepal, the times of year to visit are much more extensive. Mustang could be an excellent choice during the other low seasons of Nepal and a traveler could take advantage of the reduced international airfare, and hotel bookings. If bitter cold temperatures do not pose a problem, you could even consider winter. Mustang is a mythical region unscathed by the hurried modern life and will reveal a world that could be set hundreds of years ago. A visit here will transport the adventurer to a time almost forgotten.