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Terms and Conditions

Guest Agreement and Declaration

Glacier Family Treks and Expedition Pvt. Ltd is a fully licensed and registered adventure company based in Kathmandu, Nepal. At Glacier Family, we are pleased to provide various services which you shall receive by entering into a binding agreement with us. The agreement is inclusive of the Terms and Conditions pertaining to confirmation of Booking, Payment, Refund, Cancellation and other charges as per the company’s policies. Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully before any undertaking.

Terms and Conditions of Use


Glacier Family Treks and Expedition Pvt. Ltd is registered under various departments of the Government of Nepal. Located in Pasikot, Shiva Mandir, Bishnu Budhanikantha, Kathmandu, Nepal, this Company is chaired by Mr. Dilu Rai.

The company provides various services such as treks, tours, peak climbing, among many others, all of which are referred to as “Trip” on our website. A fully filled Application form and an initial booking deposit of 20% of the total trip cost will only confirm your booking. The booking deposit is non-refundable. The due amount (80%) is required to be paid upon arrival in Kathmandu, before the departure of the trip. The final itineraries and documents will be released only after this payment has been made.

Payment Options and Method:

To ease the payment procedure, we accept both Bank Transfer and Credit cards (VISA/Master/JCB/SCT/American Expresses/Union Pay) for booking purposes only. Please mention your mode of payment while you fill the booking form. If your mode of booking is the credit card, the remaining amount must be paid in cash upon your arrival in Kathmandu, before departure for the destination.

Payment by Wire Transfer:

Bank Details

All credit card transactions are subject to a 4% surcharge, which is imposed by the credit card service provider Bank.

(Note: An additional cost of USD 100, USD 200 will be charged for trips extending up to 10 days and more than 10 days, respectively, for a single supplement.)


The company has the right to cancel all bookings and trips prior to departure in the event of unforeseen circumstances such as strike, war, riot, natural disaster, weather, the health of the participants and so on. If such circumstances arise, the booking deposit remains nonrefundable but transferable for the upcoming season or next for the trips of the same value. 80% of the amount shall be refunded after a tax deduction of 13 % Government Tax.

If a participant leaves on his/her own will during the trip, he/she will not receive any refunds of the cost that has already been paid. Any and all refund is based on the discretion of the Company and services such as hotel bookings, transportation, meals cannot be reused or refunded even if the customer hasn’t utilized them. The trips will only be confirmed if there are 2 participants who have already paid full fee in advance.

Cancellation of a trip is only confirmed through a written document. Any amount charged prior to cancellation remains nonrefundable but reusable up to a year of the booking date. The percentage of reusable amount depends on when the cancellation letter is received; 100 % if received 1 month before the trip, and 80% and 50% if received 15 days and 7 days respectively.

Trip Amendment:

Amendments and cancellation of any trip are liable for a fee. A charge of USD 50/Person is taken for amendment requests received 60 days or more before the start of the trip. If the request received is after the 60-day mark, the charges will automatically be as per the cancellation policy of the Company mentioned above. If you wish to make any changes in the time span of the original booking and departure date, new prices will be used for reservation with the addition to the charges imposed by the service providers including hotels, transport companies, etc.

You will also be charged an administration fee of USD 20(per change) if any changes to the arrangements (hotels, transfers) are made from your side. This is in addition to the charges added by the hotels and airlines.

Try and refrain from making amendments to your trip 10 days prior to the trip. Late changes, though not guaranteed, will incur a minimum charge of USD 50 + per booking.

Travel Insurance:

It is compulsory for our customers to get Personal and Accident insurances before heading out for any trip. The insurance policy must be inclusive of medical coverage, helicopter rescue, and air ambulance. Please carry your insurance certificate with yourself as proof whilst on the trip. Not having a proper insurance might bar you from continuing your trip with us.

Travel Documents:

It is mandatory to carry a valid passport (6 months validity at least) and proper visa for your trip with our company.  We will not be held responsible if your entry is denied due to the lack of proper documents.

Facilities and Flexibility:

It’s very important to understand that the facilities you might be used to at home might not be so readily available on the course of our trip. These include things such as communication, health services, hygiene, accommodation, transportation, and so on.  At often times, we will be making our way through rough terrains, isolated from the nearest town which has a high risk and may result in accidents, illnesses without proper medical facilities at bay.

With this, you enter into an agreement that you will be taking risks as permitted by the Government of Nepal and acknowledge the fact that such trips require some level of flexibility and understanding. You are also agreeing to listen and adhere to the trip leaders/guide appointed by Glacier Family Treks and Expedition Pvt. Ltd. and understand that mutual cooperation and teamwork is pivotal for the success of the trip.

The company also holds the right to shorten, reroute or cancel any trip because of unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of the Company and in such a case all expenses will be borne by the customers.

Trip Prices exclude:

  • Travel Insurance, emergency medical needs, vaccinations and search and evacuation
  • Visa Cost
  • Flight to/from to Nepal, destination and airport taxes
  • Excess baggage charge and Tips
  • Extra meals, clothing, laundry, postage and expenses not included in the itinerary.

Health Conditions:

It is advised that all members of the group joining any trip be in a sound health and physical condition. If anyone suffers from any medical conditions, please make it known to the Company. The medical and evacuation expense, if any, shall be borne by the participant and it is highly advised for the participants to get the required vaccinations before their arrival in Nepal. You may be asked to produce a medical certificate at any time during the trip by the Company, so make sure you carry one.

Weather and other unfavorable conditions:

Due to unpredictable weather conditions, delays in flights pertaining to the mountainous region can occur. In such cases, the company shall bear the expenses of the accommodation and food prior to your departure. The Company shall bear no liability whatsoever if the customer misses his/her flight due to personal delay. The Company, however, will assist the customer for the travel to the scheduled destination, given that the additional expenses are borne by the customers themselves. The company also have the right to reroute the trips or utilize road transport without any impact on the cost predicted.

If in the unlikely event such as civil unrest, we will try to inform our clients about the same as soon as we receive news of it.

We have made every attempt to ensure the objectivity of the information provided in our brochures and website, we will not be held responsible for any inaccuracies. Under special conditions, the bookings may be waived with a written letter from the Chief of the Company. All agreements are subjected to and governed according to the Nepalese law.

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