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Why Glacier Family Treks

Customization Trips-

Accessibility beckons for customization since we want to help all kinds of travelers experience the beauty of the country we ensure that you hold the reigns of planning. We present to you customizable itineraries, which fulfills your travel objectives and vision. With our expert guides, we want your service with us to be highly individualistic. There is not just one way of exploring and we want to ensure that we maneuver our itineraries to suit your way of traveling.

Transparent and Budget Friendly Costing-

Transparency is highly valued at Glacier Treks and Expeditions. Hence, we make sure that all of our trip costs are communicated to our travelers from the very beginning. A big part of traveling is budgeting and we want to assist you in the process, disclosing the appropriate cost of trip helps you plan without overstretching your financial capabilities. Moreover, given that our objective is to make travel more accessible we have a range of budget-friendly trips without hidden costs that you can choose for your travel.

Capable and Multi-linguistic Team-

Travelling knows no bounds or language, we understand this. At Glacier Treks and Expeditions we focus on providing you with a comfortable travel experience, our multi-linguistic team ensures that language barriers are reduced. Furthermore, our certified, trained staffs ensure that all of your travel worries are taken care of, starting with logistics to any issues that you may encounter amidst your journey. Furthermore, our staff goes through the constant analysis to ensure that level of professionalism and passion for travel is exercise by all.

Trip with a Personal Touch-

During traveling its usually the smaller memories and interactions that we end up remembering, while we do assist you to accomplish bigger triumphs, we put a special effort in adding personal touches to your travel to heighten your overall experience. Some of the ways we do this are by allowing our explorers to interact with local culture, cuisine, and people. For travelers who are differently abled we provide specialized guide assistance so that they are able to enjoy the beauty of Nepal with full vigor and exhilaration.

Responsible Tourism-

Tourism can make or break a country. Nepal’s natural beauty is what pulls in thousands of travelers to us and it our duty to preserve this, we do this through sustainable efforts and clean-up camps. Our responsibility as a tourism company also extends to educating and providing skills to the locals who later helps us with our activities, development is spread through action and our actions are geared towards protecting and educating the locals about the potential of tourism. Our company also regularly employs local guides to learn from their authentic experience whilst they learn to become more self-sufficient.

Single to Multi Group Travel Packages-

Some people like to travel in solitude, some are keen on making new friends as they travel and other simply want the company of their loved ones. Whatever your needs may be, we are here to deliver. Our packages are designed in such a manner that you can opt for a different form of experience without the disadvantage of lowered service. We do not value one type of traveling to another, all adventure seekers get avant-garde service which encompasses of exciting travel itinerary, specialized certified guides and work staff keen to handle your logistics.

Specialized Family Based Trekking-

Our main focus is to integrate a fulfilling travel experience in the Himalayas which is usually considered difficult for families that have people of all age groups with varied capabilities. After many tried and tested itineraries we gathered a perfect balance of resources to assist families to dive deep into travel experience in Nepal without much of a hassle. Our guides are specially trained to handle family groups, our packages formulated to introduce fun and excitement to each group, making for an exciting time for families where they get to bond and grow closer amidst the beauty of Nepal.

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