Annapurna South Base Camp Trek

Annapurna South Base Camp Trek

The Annapurna South Base Camp Trek is a journey that takes you through the captivating landscapes of the Annapurna region in Nepal. This adventure is renowned for its breathtaking mountain views, cultural encounters, and diverse terrain. Here, we present a detailed itinerary that encapsulates the essence of this remarkable trek.

The expedition commences with a departure from Kathmandu, Nepal’s bustling capital. Travelers have an option having a scenic flight to Pokhara or an adventurous   driving of around 6 to 8 hours to reach Pokhara, a picturesque city known for its serene lakes and stunning mountain vistas. This enchanting city serves as the gateway to the Annapurna region and provides the perfect starting point for the forthcoming adventure.

As the sun rises on Day 2, trekkers set out on an exciting journey, driving from Pokhara to Nayapul. From Nayapul, the expedition transforms into a footpath adventure, winding through terraced fields and charming villages. Crossing the Modi Khola river, the trail leads to Tikhedhunga or Ulleri, small settlements that host trekkers in cozy teahouses and lodges for the night.

The trek intensifies on Day 3 as the route ascends through verdant rhododendron and oak forests. The elevation gain leads to the captivating village of Ghorepani, a sanctuary of magnificent mountain panoramas. As dawn breaks on Day 4, trekkers embark on an early hike to Poon Hill, an iconic vantage point that rewards them with an awe-inspiring sunrise over the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges. The expedition then progresses to Tadapani, meandering through enchanting forests and granting intermittent glimpses of the towering peaks.

The trail continues to weave its narrative on Day 5, descending and ascending through varying landscapes. It arrives at Chhomrong, a charming Gurung village embraced by the majestic presence of Annapurna South and Hiunchuli. Here, cultural experiences blend seamlessly with natural marvels.

Day 6 introduces the enchantment of bamboo and rhododendron forests. Descending to the Chhomrong Khola and ascending toward Sinuwa, trekkers find themselves entranced by the rhythmic dance of the terrain. The journey then takes them to Dovan or Bamboo, tranquil oases ensconced in lush vegetation.

On Day 7, the landscape evolves once more. The trail ventures through bamboo and rhododendron forests as the altitude gradually rises. This leads trekkers to Machapuchare Base Camp (MBC), a haven where the ethereal beauty of the alpine landscape converges with the grandeur of Fishtail Peak.

The pinnacle of the adventure arrives on Day 8, as trekkers ascend to Annapurna South Base Camp (ABC). Here, a realm of ice and stone unveils itself, encircled by towering peaks and glistening glaciers. The awe-inspiring vistas are etched into memory before the expedition retraces its steps to Bamboo or Deurali, where a well-earned rest awaits.

The homeward journey commences on Day 9, guiding trekkers back to the warmth of Chhomrong. Day 10 introduces a new chapter, as the trail winds through terraced fields and charming villages to the captivating Ghandruk. The cultural richness of this Gurung village is accentuated by its postcard-perfect mountain views.

As the adventure draws to a close on Day 11, trekkers traverse back to Nayapul, completing the circuit. The journey culminates with a return to Pokhara, a moment to relax and celebrate the triumphs of the trekking expedition.

On Day 12, the final chapter unfolds. Departing Pokhara, trekkers return to Kathmandu by flight or road, their hearts brimming with memories of the Annapurna South Base Camp trek—a journey of wonder, exploration, and self-discovery.

annapurna south base camp trek

Annapurna South Base Camp Trek Itinerary

Day 1: Departure to Pokhara.
Depart from Kathmandu, either by a scenic flight or a picturesque drive (6-8 hours), to Pokhara. Arrive in Pokhara, a serene city renowned for its lakes and captivating mountain views. Overnight stay in Pokhara, preparing for the upcoming trekking.

Day 2: Drive to Nayapul, Trek to Tikhedhunga.
After breakfast, drive from Pokhara to Nayapul, the trek’s starting point. Embark on a trek through terraced fields, crossing the Modi Khola river. Ascend a series of stone steps to reach Tikhedhunga, a quaint settlement surrounded by natural beauty. Overnight stay in Tikhedhunga, immersed in the tranquil ambiance.

Day 3: Trek to Ghorepani.
Ascend through lush rhododendron and oak forests, absorbing the changing landscape. Arrive in Ghorepani, a village that offers awe-inspiring mountain vistas and a serene atmosphere. Explore Ghorepani, soaking in the panoramic views and vibrant local culture.

Day 4: Poon Hill Sunrise Hike, Trek to Tadapani.
Early morning hike to Poon Hill, catching the breathtaking sunrise over Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges. Return to Ghorepani for breakfast and begin the trek to Tadapani. Traverse verdant forests, occasionally treated to glimpses of towering peaks. Overnight stay in Tadapani, surrounded by nature’s tranquility.

Day 5: Trek to Chhomrong.
Descend to the Chhomrong Khola, followed by an ascent towards Sinuwa. Descend again, passing through bamboo and rhododendron forests. Reach Chhomrong, a picturesque village with panoramic views of Annapurna South and Hiunchuli.

Day 6: Trek to Dovan.
Embark on a trek through bamboo and rhododendron forests, reveling in nature’s beauty. Descend to Bamboo and continue to Dovan, surrounded by the serenity of the mountains. Overnight stay in Dovan, where the natural symphony soothes the soul.

Day 7: Trek to Machapuchare Base Camp (MBC).
The journey leads through enchanting forests, revealing the alpine wonderland. Ascend to Machapuchare Base Camp (MBC), offering awe-inspiring views of Fishtail Peak. Immerse yourself in the ethereal landscape and relish the unique ambiance.

Day 8: Trek to Annapurna South Base Camp (ABC).
Trek to Annapurna South Base Camp (ABC), a place of breathtaking grandeur and serenity. Marvel at the towering peaks, glaciers, and the remarkable Annapurna sanctuary. After soaking in the awe-inspiring vistas, retrace your steps to Bamboo or Deurali.

Day 9: Trek to Chhomrong.
Descend through the enchanting forests, crossing rivers and streams. Arrive in Chhomrong, revisiting this charming village with newfound appreciation.

Day 10: Trek to Ghandruk.
Trek through terraced fields and picturesque villages to reach Ghandruk. Immerse yourself in the cultural riches of the Gurung community and enjoy stunning mountain views.

Day 11: Trek to Nayapul, Drive to Pokhara.
Trek to Nayapul, the final leg of your journey. Drive back to Pokhara, where relaxation and celebration await your return.

Day 12: Return to Kathmandu.
Depart from Pokhara to Kathmandu, either by flight or road, marking the end of your remarkable Annapurna South Base Camp trek—a journey etched with natural marvels and cherished memories.

annapurna south base camp trek

Cost of Annapurna South Base Camp Trek

The cost of the Annapurna South Base Camp trek can vary depending on a variety of factors like transportation, guide and porter, Trekking permits etc. Here’s a tetative cost according to our service standard with feaguring all conditions.
Remember that this is in package-

No. of Pax               Starting Price on our service basis:
01 Person:                  USD 690.00 per person
02 – 03                        USD 620.00 per person
04 – 06                        USD 580.00 per person
07 – 10                         USD 620.00 per person
11 – 15                          USD 610.00 per person.


This cost is included for-

  1. Trekking Guide and porter with their local insurance, daily basis food and salary, accommodation and transportation and food.
  2. Client’s Food (Three Times: Morning Food, Day Food & Evening Food), Drinks in cups system only a cup with meal (Coffee, Tea, Gree-Tea, Milk-Tea, Mint-Tea etc)
  3. Trekking Permits: ACAP permit, TIMS Permit, Applicable charge and Tax of documention.
  4. Transportation: From your Pokhara Hotol to your trekking starting spot and back to you Pokhara Hotel from your trekking ending spot.

Above cost excludes- Those things which are not found on above.

The cost of the Annapurna South Base Camp trek can vary depending on a variety of factors, including the mode of transportation, guide and porter services, accommodation, meals, permits, and personal expenses. Here’s a general breakdown of the potential costs associated with the trek:


Flights: If you choose to fly from Kathmandu to Pokhara, the cost of a round-trip flight can vary based on the airline and time of booking.
Overland Transportation: If you opt for a bus or private vehicle to get to Pokhara, the cost will depend on the type of transportation and the season.

Trekking Permits:

Annapurna Conservation Area Permit: This permit is required and costs differ for foreign trekkers and SAARC country trekkers.
Trekkers’ Information Management System (TIMS) Card: This card is required for all trekkers and has different fees for independent trekkers and those traveling with a guide.

Guide and Porter Services:

Hiring a guide: The cost of hiring a licensed trekking guide can vary based on their experience and the services they provide.
Hiring a porter: If you decide to hire a porter to carry your bags, the cost will depend on the duration of the trek and the weight of your belongings.

Accommodation and Meals:

Accommodation: Teahouse accommodations along the trail vary in terms of comfort and facilities. Basic teahouses are more budget-friendly, while those offering better amenities might be more expensive.
Meals: The cost of meals can vary based on the teahouse’s location and the type of food you order. Meals in more remote areas might be more expensive.
Personal Expenses: Personal expenses can include additional snacks, drinks, souvenirs, and any unforeseen costs.

Trekking Gear:

If you need to rent or purchase trekking gear in Pokhara, such as sleeping bags, trekking poles, or clothing, this will add to your expenses.
Tips and Gratuities: It’s customary to tip guides and porters as a token of appreciation for their services.
Travel Insurance: Travel insurance is highly recommended for any trekking adventure. The cost of insurance can vary based on coverage and provider.
Given these factors, the total cost of the Annapurna South Base Camp trek can range anywhere from a few hundred to over a thousand US dollars. On average, budgeting around $800 to $1200 should cover most expenses for the trek. However, it’s essential to research and plan based on your preferences, needs, and financial considerations.

Fitness for Annapurna South Base Camp Trip

Being Fit for Walking: The trek is like a long walk, sometimes on slopes and downhills. So, being in good shape will help you enjoy it.
Strong Legs and Stamina: Imagine your legs like strong pillars. This makes it easier to walk up and down the hills without getting too tired.

Doing Active Stuff: Before the trek, try activities where you move your body, like walking fast, jogging a bit, riding a bike, or even dancing. This gets your body ready for the trek.

Practice Hiking: Think of practicing as getting ready for a big game. Try walking on different paths to get used to the kind of walking you’ll do on the trek.

Getting Used to Heights: The trekking we climb to higher places during certain time. Imagine going up stairs slowly instead of running. This helps your body feel good at higher places.

Staying Flexible: Just like stretching before a game, stretching your body helps it move better. It’s like getting your muscles ready for the trekking adventure.

Getting Ready Mentally: Going on a long walk can make you tired, but it’s also exciting. Think of it like a fun challenge. Be ready to keep going, even when you feel a bit tired.

Eating and Drinking Right: Eating good meals and drinking enough water during the trek is like putting good fuel in a car. It keeps you strong and full of energy for the journey.

Checking with a Doctor: Just like checking with a coach before playing a game, check with a doctor if you have any health things to know about. They’ll make sure you’re ready for the trek.

Using Trekking Poles: Think of trekking poles like having a friend to lean on when walking. They help you keep your balance and make walking easier, especially when the path goes downhill.

Budget of Annapurna South Base Camp Trek

The approximate budget for the Annapurna South Base Camp Trek can vary, but here’s a rough idea:

Transportation: The cost of getting to and from Pokhara (the starting point of the trek) can range from $50 to $150, depending on whether you choose a bus or a flight.

Trekking Permits: Permits cost around $30 to $40 for Annapurna Conservation Area Permit (ACAP) and $10 to $20 for a Trekkers’ Information Management System (TIMS) card, depending on your nationality.

Guides and Porters: Hiring a guide can cost around $25 to $35 per day, and a porter might cost around $15 to $25 per day, including their accommodation and meals.

Food and Accommodation: Budgeting around $20 to $30 per day for food and lodging is a reasonable estimate. The cost may vary depending on your choices and locations.

Extra Expenses: It’s good to have some extra money for unexpected expenses, snacks, drinks, and souvenirs. An additional $10 to $20 per day is a reasonable estimate.

Insurance: Travel insurance that covers trekking can range from $50 to $100 or more, depending on the coverage and duration of your trek.

Trekking Gear: If you need to rent or buy gear, this could add around $50 to $100 to your budget.

Taking these estimates into account, a rough total budget for the Annapurna South Base Camp Trek could be around $600 to $1200, with some flexibility for variations and personal preferences. Remember that these are approximate figures and actual costs can vary.
Booking your Annapurna South Base Camp trek is easy. You can get in touch with us through our official WhatsApp at +9779818727219 or send us an email at
Once you contact us, we’ll help you with all the details. You can ask about the trek, like how long it takes and how much it costs. If you have specific dates or things you want, let us know.

annapurna south base camp trek

Travel Info of Annapurna Trekking

When planning your Annapurna South Base Camp trekking adventure, there are important travel details to keep in mind to ensure a safe and enjoyable journey:

International Travel Insurance: Before embarking on the trek, having international travel insurance is highly recommended. This insurance covers unexpected situations like health issues or trip cancellations. It’s like a safety net that helps you in case something unexpected happens during your trek.

Assure Your Porter and Guide: When trekking, it’s common to have a porter and/or a guide to help you. They assist with carrying your belongings and navigating the trails. Ensuring that your porter and guide are reputable and trustworthy adds to your safety and overall experience.

Trekking Permits, Visa, and Passport: Obtaining the necessary permits for the trek is crucial. These permits give you access to the beautiful areas you’ll be exploring. Also, make sure your visa and passport are valid for your travel dates. It’s like having the right ticket to enter a special place.

Passport-Sized Photographs: Having a few passport-sized photographs with you is handy. They might be needed for permits or identification during your trek.

Enough Cash for Trekking: While in the mountains, online services like credit cards might not work. So, it’s important to carry enough cash for expenses during the trek. This includes paying for food, accommodation, and any extras you might need along the way.

Taking care of these travel details ensures that your journey to Annapurna South Base Camp is smooth and worry-free. It’s like preparing all the necessary gear before embarking on an exciting adventure. Remember, preparation is key to enjoying your trekking experience to the fullest!

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