Khopra Mardi Himal Trek

Khopra Mardi Himal Trek

The Khopra Mardi Himal Trek is a lower- known gem nestled in Nepal’s Annapurna region, offering a serene volition to the popular trails. Lasting 10 to 12 days, it presents a moderate challenge suitable for colorful pedestrians. At 4,660 measures, Khopra Ridge boasts stirring vistas of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges, including iconic peaks like Machhapuchhre. The trip passes through different topographies — lush timberlands, rhododendron- sheathe hills, and alpine pastures. It’s an artistic trip because we can get a chances to engage with Gurung and Magar communities. The journey leads to Mardi Himal Base Camp, a quieter spot compared to other bases. With needed permits, the ideal trekking seasons are spring and afterlife. While independent trekking is doable, hiring attendants and janitors is common. Safety preventives are vital, considering the Himalayan challenges.

The Khopra Mardi Himal Trek is a trekking route located in the Annapurna region. As this trekking route is less frequent which takes approximately 12 to 14 days. It’s enough accessible to trekkers have moderate difficulty levels. At its pinnacle, the Khopra Ridge reaches an elevation of around 4,660 meters. We assume it this trekking is well rewarded with the glimpse of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountain ranges, including iconic Mt. Machhapuchhre (Fishtail).

The Khopra Mardi Himal Trek traverses the diverse landscapes, verdant forests to enchanting hills with rhododendrons forests, and Oak, Pine Forests. Beyond its natural splendor, the Khopra Mardi Himal Trek is an opportunity to immerse oneself in local culture, with encounters of the Gurung and Magar ethnic communities. Traditional teahouses and lodges along the way offer a genuine taste of the region’s lifestyle.

One of the highlights is the option to venture to the Mardi Himal Base Camp, providing an intimate and less-crowded experience compared to more popular base camps. The trek’s timing is crucial in spring season (March to May) and autumn season (September to November) when weather conditions are stable and the views are at their finest.

While some trekkers want start independent journey, hiring local guides and porters is a common choice to enhance the experience and ensure safety. The important to notes are the Himalayan trekking challenge, about the complication of altitude sickness and weather.  So, we suggest you to make good preparation of trekking in the himalaya. The Khopra Mardi Himal Trek stands as a unique opportunity to explore the Himalayan splendor in a more tranquil and authentic manner.

khopra mardi himal trek

Khopra Mardi Himal Trek Itinerary

Day 01: Pokhara to Potana-Deurali
Altitude: Potana-Deurali: Around 2,100 meters
Begin your journey with a drive from Pokhara to Kade, followed by a trek to Potana-Deurali, 4-5 hours.

Day 02: Deurali to Forest Camp
Altitude: Forest Camp: Around 2,520 meters
Continue trekking from Deurali to Forest Camp, 5-6 hours.

Day 03: Forest Camp to Badal Danda
Altitude: Badal Danda: Around 3,240 meters
Trek to Badal Danda and soak in the breathtaking 360-degree mountain views, 6-7 hours.

Day 04: Badal Danda to Mardi High Camp
Altitude: Mardi High Camp: Around 3,580 meters
Continue your trek to Mardi High Camp, 4-5 hours.

Day 05: Hike to Mardi Himal Base Camp, back to High Camp, Descend to Low Camp
Altitude: Mardi Himal Base Camp: Around 4,500 meters, High Camp: Around 3,580 meters, Low Camp: Around 3,050 meters
Embark on a thrilling hike to Mardi Himal Base Camp, then return to High Camp before descending to Low Camp. The day’s trek is around 7-8 hours.

Day 06: Low Camp to Landruk Village
Altitude: Landruk Village: Around 1,565 meters
Trek from Low Camp to the picturesque Landruk Village. The walking time is about 5-6 hours.

Day 07: Landruk Village to Ghandruk Village
Altitude: Ghandruk Village: Around 1,940 meters
Trek to Ghandruk Village and take time to explore the surroundings, 4-5 hours.

Day 08: Ghandruk Village to Tadapani
Altitude: Tadapani: Around 2,630 meters
Continue your journey by trekking from Ghandruk Village to Tadapani. The day’s walk is about 4-5 hours.

Day 09: Tadapani to Dobato via Mulde Viewpoint
Altitude: Dobato: Around 3,350 meters
Trek to Dobato and enjoy the stunning views from Mulde Viewpoint. The trek takes about 5-6 hours.

Day 10: Dobato to Khopra Danda via Chistibang
Altitude: Khopra Danda: Around 3,660 meters
Trek from Dobato to Khopra Danda via Chistibang, 6-7 hours.

Day 11: Excursion to Khayar Lake
Altitude: Khayar Lake: Around 4,800 meters
Embark on an excursion to the breathtaking Khayar Lake, 6-7 hours.

Day 12: Khopra to Swanta Village
Altitude: Swanta Village: Around 2,200 meters
Trek from Khopra to Swanta Village, immersing yourself in local culture and scenery, 5-6 hours.

Day 13: Swanta Village to Ghorepani
Altitude: Ghorepani: Around 2,850 meters
Continue your journey by trekking from Swanta Village to Ghorepani. The walk is about 6-7 hours.

Day 14: Ghorepani to Mohare Danda
Altitude: Mohare Danda: Around 3,300 meters
Trek to Mohare Danda and enjoy the mesmerizing viewpoint, 5-6 hours.

Day 15: Mohare Danda to Hille
Altitude: Hille: Around 1,430 meters
Descend from Mohare Danda to Hille,  6-7 hours.

Day 16: Hille to Pokhara by Jeep
Altitude: Pokhara: Around 830 meters
Travel back to Pokhara by jeep, marking the end of your memorable Khopra Mardi Himal Trek. This day involves about 2-3 hours of trekking and driving.

khopra mardi himal trek

Difficulty of Khopra Mardi Himal Trek

The Khopra Mardi Himal Trek is a destination that’s just right for those who are up for a bit of a challenge but not looking for anything too extreme. It’s like a moderate-level adventure. As you walk along the trails, you’ll encounter various terrains and landscapes. Some parts might be a bit steep, but you won’t need to be a super athlete to conquer them. The highest point you’ll reach is about 4,660 meters, and that’s where you might feel the air getting a bit thinner.

You’ll need to walk for about 4 to 8 hours on most days. Obviously, Some days are shorter than another days, some a bit longer than other one. The paths or trekking trails are well marked, so you won’t need to do any fancy climbing or anything like that.

But, it’s important to remember that the higher you go, the less oxygen there is in the air but we never worry about it as we are conscious regarding the altitude problem . This might make you feel a bit tired or out of breath. That will be normal because it will happen to almost every trekkers in that kind of altitude. Just take your time, drink plenty of water, and listen to your body.

While it’s not the easiest trek, it’s definitely manageable if you’re in decent shape and have some trekking experience. And trust me, the incredible views and the feeling of accomplishment when you reach those high points are absolutely worth it!

Package cost of Khopra Mardi Himal Trek

For 02 People: USD1350.00

For 04 People: USD1170.00

For 06 People: USD1130.00

Above the package cost includes:

  1. One night hotel accommodation in Pokhara on BB
  2. Full food during the trekking as per itinerary: (B-L-D)
  3. Tea/Coffee during the food time.
  4. One porter for 2 clients: 15-20 Kilos limited for 1 porter.
  5. One Trekking Guide: English Speaking
  6. Transport Service: Hotel Pokhara to Kade and Trek end Point to Hotel Pokhara
  7. Guide and Porter’s Local Insurance (If incase the death)
  8. Guide and Porter’s daily salary, Food, Accommodation.
  9. Trekking Permits: ACAP and TIMS Cards
  10. Documentation and Applicable Tax.

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The cost of the Khopra Mardi Himal Trek involves permits, guide and porter wages, food, insurance, transportation, lodging, and tipping. The Annapurna Conservation Area Permit (ACAP) is around USD 30, with a TIMS Card at USD 20. Hiring a guide costs about USD 25-30/day, while a porter costs USD 15-20/day shared among trekkers. Food expenses range from USD 25-35/day. Insurance for guide and porter is important, and transportation to the starting point is about USD 20-40. Accommodation in teahouse lodges is roughly USD 15-30/night. Tipping the guide and porter around 10-15% of their fees is customary. Remember possible service charges, and taxes. These estimates vary based on factors like exchange rates and personal choices, requiring research, planning, and possibly assistance from a trekking agency for a successful Khopra Mardi Himal Trek.

khopra mardi himal trek
khopra mardi himal trek

Khopra Mardi Himal Trek Permit

For the Khopra Mardi Himal Trek, there are two kinds of trekking permits-

  1. Annapurna Conservation Area Permit (ACAP) and,
  2. Trekkers’ Information Management System (TIMS) Card.

Glacier Family Treks is a reliable agency that assists in obtaining these permits, streamlining the process and ensuring your trek’s compliance with regulations. These permits not only facilitate your journey but also contribute to the preservation of the natural beauty and cultural heritage of the region.

Permit Cost of Khopra Mardi Himal Trek

The permit costs for the Khopra Mardi Himal Trek include the Annapurna Conservation Area Permit (ACAP) and the Trekkers’ Information Management System (TIMS) Card.

Required Permits for this trekking-

Annapurna Conservation Area Permit (ACAP):

  1. For foreign nationals: Per person USD30.00
  2. For SAARC nationals: Per person NPR 1,000

Trekkers’ Information Management System (TIMS) Card:

  1. For foreign individual trekkers: Per person USD20.00
  2. For foreign trekkers through a registered agency: NPR 1,000.00
    Please note that these permit costs are subject to change, and it’s recommended to check with official sources or your trekking agency for the most up-to-date information before starting your trek.

Where is Khopra and Mardi Himal?

Khopra and Mardi Himal are both located in the Annapurna region of Nepal. The Khopra Ridge and Mardi Himal are adjacent trekking routes within this region, offering trekkers stunning views of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountain ranges. Khopra Ridge is known for its panoramic vistas and diverse landscapes, while Mardi Himal offers a more off-the-beaten-path experience compared to some of the more popular trekking routes in the area. Both destinations provide trekkers with an opportunity to immerse themselves in the natural beauty and cultural richness of the Himalayas.

FAQs of Khopra Mardi Himal Trek

Q1: What is the Khopra Mardi Himal Trek?
A1: The Khopra Mardi Himal Trek is a moderate-level trekking route in Nepal’s Annapurna region. It allows trekkers to explore picturesque landscapes, experience diverse cultures, and enjoy stunning views of the Himalayas.

Q2: How long is the Khopra Mardi Himal Trek?
A2: The trek typically spans 12-16 days, considering trekking days and travel to and from Pokhara, the trek’s starting point.

Q3: Is it a difficult trek?
A3: The Khopra Mardi Himal Trek is moderately challenging. It involves both uphill and downhill sections, with manageable altitudes suitable for reasonably fit trekkers.

Q4: What are the highlights of the trek?
A4: Highlights include breathtaking Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountain views, visits to Mardi Himal Base Camp and Khopra Ridge’s panoramic vistas, interactions with local communities, and immersion in Himalayan culture.

Q5: Do I need a guide and porter?
A5: While independent trekking is possible, a guide enhances the experience with local insights and safety assurance. A porter helps with luggage, adding comfort to the journey.

Q6: When is the best time for the Khopra Mardi Himal Trek?
A6: The best periods are March to May (pre-monsoon) and September to November (post-monsoon) when stable weather and clear views prevail.

Q7: What permits are required?
A7: You’ll need an Annapurna Conservation Area Permit (ACAP) and a Trekkers’ Information Management System (TIMS) Card. These are facilitated by agencies like Glacier Family Treks & Expedition.

Q8: What’s the accommodation like?
A8: Teahouse lodges provide basic amenities like beds, blankets, and meals. They create a cozy space to rest and connect with fellow trekkers.

Q9: Is altitude sickness a concern?
A9: Yes, as the trek reaches altitudes above 4,000 meters towards Mardi Base Camp and Khayar Lake. Adequate acclimatization, hydration, and gradual ascent help minimize altitude-related risks.

Q10: How much does the trek cost?
A10: Costs vary based on guide and porter fees, permits, accommodation, food, and transportation. An estimated range is USD 800 to USD 1500, covering all expenses.

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